With regards to the use of: “TheVentured.com” and “TheVentured”:

Below states our terms and conditions for TheVentured.com valid from 02/05/2017. We reserve the rights to amend our terms and conditions at any given point of time without prior notification to our readers.

Our content and opinions:

At TheVentured.com, we aim to produce quality content to inspire and motivate our readers with regards to their passions and dreams. Contents published will not have a fixed theme and thus, might not be able to provide every reader with relatable topics. However, we seek to be all-encompassing and we will try our very best to provide coverage on topics suggested by our readers. All contents published will be provided by our interviewee(s) with an opinion by the editors at TheVentured.com. The opinions written by our editors at TheVentured.com reflects what we felt about the content at the point of publishing and it will not and does not reflect the views of our interviewee(s) or any organization we may be affiliated with.

Our content and how it should be used:

We will work tirelessly to make sure that our contents are accurate, true and to the best of our knowledge at the time of publishing. We will actively seek to address any misrepresentation in any form once we are alerted of such matter. Readers are to note that the contents in this blog are published for informational and motivational purposes only, it should not be seen as any form of advice. Our interviewee(s), content provider (third-parties) and ourselves at TheVentured.com will not be in any way held responsible for any decision you may make after reading our contents. Readers are advised to use all provided information at your own risk and consult with professionals, if possible, before arriving at any decisions.

Usage of our production:

TheVentured.com will be the legal copywriter holder of all (Written, Graphic and Multimedia) materials published on this website. It shall not be used, printed, reprinted, modified or published without the written consent of TheVentured.com. All link to TheVentured.com must be included in all copies of media, articles, press releases or articles to credit our work.

Regarding our contributors, advertisers and sponsors:

Third-party contributors to TheVentured.com will be held responsible for the content that they produced. All contents published by third-party contributors are their own opinions and does not represent the opinions of TheVentured.com.

TheVentured.com will not be responsible for the actions of our advertisers or sponsors. The use, consumption or purchase of our advertisers and sponsors products will be at your own risk. Readers should contact our advertisers or sponsors directly for any clarifications or information regarding the product or service.

We hope that you will be able to accept our terms and conditions. If you are agreeable, let’s carry on with our ventures.


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