4 Recruitment Challenges Startups Faced

Recruiting top talents can be really difficult for multinational corporations. But what if you are a startup? Then, it might be even tougher.

Startups face lots of challenges when it comes to recruiting the right person to develop the company alongside the founders. With the right mix of people, you can definitely bring your startup to new heights. So, what are the challenges surrounding recruiting talents for a startup? We interviewed founders and early members of startups from E27 Echelon to find out more.

Finding the Right Fit:

YogaTrial:They can be very talented but they can have different mindset, the speed of accomplishing the work also matters. It is not easy to find someone that fits into every aspect of the company.”

For most startups, culture is of utmost importance. Hence, it is crucial that a new hire can fit into the company’s culture seamlessly. But it is difficult to distinguish a candidate that would fit perfectly into organization from the start, so many startups have to go through the guessing phase and weed out the misfits later on. This process could be time and resource consuming for the company.

Hiring the Experienced:

Staydilly: “However, as we seek the more experienced hires, we have found it more difficult as the more experience the candidate is. I am of the opinion that this is the main challenge for start-ups, is to hire experienced senior team members who can call upon their wealth of experience to lead a more junior team.”

With someone on board who has been there and done that can make a huge difference. They have the connections and also the experience that fresh graduates do not have. But these senior and experienced personnel most probably have a very stable and well-paying job, the challenge here is, can you convince them to join you?

Lack of Financial Resources:

Swememo: “Yes we have difficulty hiring talent, I think many other also have the same problem as well. When it comes to hiring top talents, you also have to pay top bucks for them. The problem here is that startups like ours have very limited resources.

The amount of financial resources for a startup equals to the runway that your startup have. The further you can stretch your dollar, the more chances your startup gets to succeed. But without top bucks you cannot poach or recruit top talents, especially when you are competing with larger and more established corporation for the same person.

Retaining Talents:

Swememo: “Another problem that we faced is that after investing the time and effort to train a new employee, they leave us after a few months. People don’t think that there is a future in startup.”

After getting the talent, how do you make sure that your startup is not just another stepping stone for them? Wasting the finite amount of resources a startup have on training and salary all for nothing can be a huge problem. This situation should be minimized at all cost and the founders of the startup should consider using non-monetary incentives to retain the talents.

Many founders of startups have not been in the shoes of an employer and have no idea how to attract talent or how to retain them. But all of a sudden, they are thrown into such a situation where they have no choice but to be competent. As such, the more important skill that a founder should possess is adaptability.

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