WOOFR – The Startup Rock Star

We had an interview session with WOOFR’s CEO, Alfy to find out more about his startup.

Please tell me about your personal background from before you joined WOOFR?

Didn’t go to university and started working since young. Eventually, I went on to become a DJ/Music producer and I have created EDM tracks for Sander van Doorn’s labels and other regional artistes.

What sort of applications and revelations does your platform bring about?

WOOFR is your lifestyle passport. Within a few taps on your smartphones, we bring you instant bookings and exclusive deals to your favourite clubs, bars and music events.

What inspired this business idea?

I’ve travelled regularly as a DJ, and I’ve seen so many pain-points in the nightlife space. It’s such a hassle for tourists to discover the best nightlife spots, and language barrier makes it even harder to book a table or purchase tickets to the venue.

Nightlife venues themselves are still running on traditional methods of reservations (pen and paper), and they are unable to retain data analytics of their consumers such as the name, age, nationality and spending history.

We saw an opportunity, and jumped on it. My other co-founder was fresh out of army, and one was posted here in Singapore with a good, stable job and was just getting married. All of us took a leap of faith and went into creating WOOFR full-time.

Can you share more about your platform’s back story?

We started as a reservations app to clubs and bars, and we have added newer features since then. We have recently rolled out the XCESS Pass, where you are able to jump from bar to bar every day and get free drinks right away!

What motivates you on a day to day basis.

People & Purpose.

Nothing beats seeing how your product helps deliver joy to people. Purpose makes you wake up every day in the morning and tell yourself nothing’s gonna ever stop you, and no obstacle is too tough to manoeuvre. Get shit done, basically.

Since starting the company, can you share some ups and downs you have experienced with our readers?

There’s been some crazy moments. Investors pulling out of the deal, back-end system of the app crashing at an event, angry clients and having no cash in the bank – we’ve been through it all. But that’s the reality  of start-up life, anything that you expect to not go wrong, WILL go wrong. Shit always hit the fan, but when it does, make sure you face it with style, learn from it and emerge as a stronger, tougher person.

What is the best advice that a mentor gave you?

“The shit you go through today is essential, so that you’ll have a good speech to share with the world on the day your company IPO”.

If you could go back in time, what would you like to do differently?

Nothing at all. I embrace my failures because that taught me most about humility and empathy.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Touring as a DJ/entrepreneur, running an umbrella of game changing companies and discussing about investing in your start-up.

What do you think of the future of the nightlife in Singapore?

Truth is, nightlife in Singapore isn’t at a great stage right now. However, we’ve set our sights on strategic emerging markets, and we will launch in Indonesia and Thailand pretty soon.

What do you do to maintain your work-life balance?

I still make music on the weekends if I do have the time, train Muay Thai rigorously and invest in self-development.

What is the greatest pride you take with regards to your business?

Working with a great team of 17 young, amazing and crazy entrepreneurs from all walks of life and nationalities. Half of the team are ladies, and our average age is 25. We’re creating the next generation of tech rock stars.

Are there any other things you would like to share to our readers?

Don’t give a shit about anything anybody says. Be fearless, be you.


A close knitted family. Photo Credit: WOOFR


Having fun as a team. Photo credit: WOOFR

WOOFR Family

Team WOOFR. Photo Credit: WOOFR

More about Woofr:

Facebook: @thewoofr

Instagram: @woofr_app

Website: thewoofr.com

Featured Image Credit: thewoofr

Download the app: IOS Android

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